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ABCD - Encounters of filmmakers from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and their Diasporas

At the meeting in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, on February 20, 21 and 22 for this 3rd edition of ABCD CINEMA, taking place during the FESPACO on its 23rd edition, filmmakers, film directors, cultural authorities, academia and other industry people agree on the following points...

As stated in the final statement of that first encounter:
“In the identity of the Caribbean and their Diasporas is a, deep, transcendent and vital cultural footprint of the peoples of the African continent. Film, as a mosaic of all the arts, is the meeting point par excellence between the cultural values and aesthetic referents of the Caribbean and Africa.”


 CARTEL Encuentro de Cineastas de África, El Caribe y sus Diásporas

This event considers the declaration of 2011 as International Year for People of African Descent by the UN as a clear space for the appraisal of the African roots in our peoples, beginning from the aesthetic, sensorial and conceptual assessment of the African features in the most valuable and authentic element of our cultures and to gain a deeper awareness about the significance of African culture in our identities and the wealth that this presence brings to them.  The Encounter is organizad to be an opportunity for interchange and mutual learning among authors from both regions as well as a space for the articulation of initiatives to favor mutual collaboration through functional cooperation mechanisms between both regions.

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