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Rigoberto López

These words points to what has been from his youth Pim’s second nature: a permanent and renewed passion for cinema, a concern to make his life a constant challenge always responded with a new film, no matter the difficulties. Today he can show to new generations of filmmakers more than one hundred films that have renewed the Dutch film tradition, and have revealed in its complexity the richness and conflictive multiethnic reality of his beloved Suriname.

 Remarks at the book launch of The Thought of New World: The Quest for Decolonisation, Edited by Brian Meeks and Norman Girvan (Kingston: Ian Randle Publications, 2010); at the Institute of International Relations, UWI St Augustine, October 14, 2010.


The desire of building a common cultural space in the Caribbean is old. It has been restricted due to the isolation imposed by the sea surrounding us and the different languages that we speak…

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