In the Caribbean... 2007 - Guadeloupe

From January 1, 2007 to January 31, 2007

The Council of Culture, Education and Environment was in charge of the presentation of the First Edition in Guadeloupe. The films included in the Program screened in the island at the movie theatre in Lamentin, the Robert Loyson Hall in Moule and the Mediatheque in Gosier.

Guadeloupe was represented in this edition by the fiction film “Tete Grene” (2002) of Christian Grandman. It tells the story of some people whose lives become connected when Sally, a Dominican young woman (30) who is chased by the henchmen of her former boss - she has stolen him a briefcase full of money – arrives to Tete Grene, a waste land located in an old neighborhood of Point-à-Pitre. Here we found the sexagenarian Roland, whose life turns around a bottle of rum and his family who lives a precarious situation; Richard, Roland’s adopted child who earns his living by playing dice in the most dangerous places of the neighborhood and Teddy, a 12 years old boy who escapes periodically to the suburbs to play with Richard and teach him to read.  

The Traveling Presentation made possible the screening of film works made in Guadeloupe to multiple Caribbean audiences and, at the same time, its people could discover other film works that presented different and similar values of our region.

All films could be seen in their original language with French subtitles when necessary thanks to the translation and subtitling work made at the headquarters of the Traveling Presentation of Caribbean Films in Havana.

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