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Showcase - Childhood and Adolescence

The Showcase is also for children...

What is the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase?

It is a group of Caribbean movies that travels among the peoples of our region. Inside the Showcase there is a bunch of movies that have been produced in different Caribbean countries especially for children and teenagers. Through these movies you will be able to hear the stories told to you by friends throughout the Caribbean, who work thinking about you. You will be able to travel in your imagination to the mountains of Jamaica, the beaches in Curacao, the cities of Barbados and many other places. You will also reach the amazing legends told by grandpas and grandmas and the fun stories told by children who, even if they speak a different language, are very much like you!


How can I see the movies presented by the Showcase?

In every Caribbean country, there are people that will take care of everything so that you can see the movies. You only have to be alert for the presentations date.

Click HERE to see when is the Showcase arriving to your country…

If  I produce a movie, can it be part of the Showcase?

Movies made by Caribbean children are very important to us. Don’t you think that for your movie to be good it has to be very long and produced with a large budget. With a little camera you can tell great stories and if you send them to us, it might be seen by many kids and young people like you in the Caribbean.

To send us your movie you have to:

  • Ask your parents or family for help, so they can guide you and tell you exactly what to do.
  • Burn your movie in a DVD and:
    • Send it by regular mail or currier to the following address:

Oficina de la Muestra Itinerante de Cine del Caribe. Calle 12, No. 555 entre 21 y 23, Vedado. Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba. CP. 10500

Once you have sent it, to have further info about your movie, you can keep consulting our page. We will publish in this section a list with the movies we received and the movies finally selected to take part of the Showcase’s official program. If your movie gets selected, you will receive a copy translated and subtitled in Spanish and French so you can share it with friends speaking other languages…

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