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The Figured Image - Dialogues and Interviews

Interview with Thomas Weston

It was the first time in Cuba for Thomas Weston, a North American cinematographer, but “it won’t be the last” he said. The also filmmaker came to the island for a tour and to participate in the 7th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase with his documentary The Wind that Blows, a film about a group of whalers trying to survive in a modern world and also making their best to keep their centenary tradition.  Weston doesn’t know very well the Caribbean cinematography, but he wanted to give his words and best wishes to the Showcase Office. The visit to Cuba and to other Caribbean islands made him feel he wants to make more films in the region.

Interview with Shamira Raphaela

The Caribbean cinematography has changed, it’s not the same it was a few years ago. Some people say the technology is the main reason of these changes, it might be real, but it is also true that the Caribbean filmmakers might have found different ways of telling their reality, their traditions. Although the North American cinema has always tried to displace cinema from other regions, because of its characteristics, the Caribbean one has earned its place among our continent. It still has its challenges, but filmmakers are doing all they can to put it in the place it deserves. The Dutch filmmaker Shamira Raphaëla tells about what she thinks the filmmakers of this region should do for the Caribbean cinema improvement. She also talks about the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase work in order to get to this prime objective.

Interview with Owen Bethel

Travelling Caribbean Films Showcase is a remarkable medium to bring attention to the works of regional filmmakers to the local population. These are films which would typically not be seen by the population.

Interview with Abdul-Karim Ahmed

The Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase (TCFS) is extremely important to St. Kitts-Nevis as this is the platform on which we have based the development of the audiovisual industry. We are supportive of the mission of the TCFS as we consider the culture and heritage as an important component for development in the Caribbean Region especially as young people in the region struggle with the challenges that have been and will continue to impact on the region from outside of the region.    

Interview with Abdul-Karim Ahmed

How would you define the Caribbean? What is the space of caribbeanness in the Cuban way of life today? What is the role of Caribbean indigenous cinema in the construction of regional identity? These questions trigger Fure's articulate and meaningful reflection, aiming to approach the concept of Caribbean and how our caribbeanness and its images on the screen determine who we are.

Interview with Abdul-Karim Ahmed


A Caribbean wise man's perspective on the current situation and prospects of Caribbean Cinema.

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