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FCGD roomful screened Forbidden Flights

Posted on November 16, 2015

With the presence of Dr. Leonel Fernandez, President of the Global Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE) Foundation and former president of the Dominican Republic, the film Forbidden Flights, a Cuban production from the filmmaker Rigoberto Lopez was recently projected.

After the projection Lopez explained that this production is a historical reflection of Cuba, which makes a self-critical look of the country is made during the last 50 years. According to him, this material has the Cuban and French reality of the era in a balanced, moderate and honest way: "Forbidden Flights is a work that claims to be art and which emphasizes emotion through reflection."

The Cuban director highlighted the support received by FUNGLODE, co-producer of this film by the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) and thanked Dr. Fernandez, who he said: "believed in his work and the possibility of projects that make a difference".

For his part, Dr. Leonel Fernandez described Forbidden Flights as the masterpiece of Rigoberto Lopez. He also stressed that this is a production that looks at the cinema as an art, where a little more is known of Cuban history from the 60s to the 80s to link it with the reality of that country in the XXI century.

"This is a very well made material through which a link is established with France, because everything is not action or physical, but is complemented by poetic character dialogues," he added.

Finally, the former president of the Dominican Republic and President of FUNGLODE reported that he will continue supporting and encouraging film production quality through, EU-Latin America and Caribbean (EU-LAC) Foundation, which presides and was created in 2010 with the aim of promoting closer ties between Europe and America.

The screening of the film also featured the presence of Daisy Granados, a prominent Cuban actress who plays Graciela, the father's wife Monique in the plot.

Forbidden Flights is an original screenplay by Julio Carranza, brilliant Cuban economist. The process of filming was done in record time of 17 days with a team of 11 people in production and a limited budget forced them to speed up the work to reduce costs. The story takes place between France and Cuba.

Taken from: http://2015.festivaldecineglobal.org/single-noticias/el-fcgd-proyecta-a-...

Edited and translated by the team of the Office of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase

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