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Portrait of an Always Teenager Artist

Posted on July 18, 2016

Documentary in production on Julio García Espinosa

By: Mayra Álvarez Díaz

Although it is not very accommodating saying that "better late than never", I must say that finally is under filming a documentary on the life of intellectual, filmmaker and National Film Award, Julio Garcia Espinosa.

Portrait of an Always Teenager Artist is the title of this film production which, directed by renowned filmmaker Manuel Herrera Reyes, it will delve into the life and work of Julio and its multiple connections with much of the history of Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC).

Through documentary-essay as narrative, Herrera incorporates the frequent use of archival materials, as well as the presence of a long list of testimonies among filmmakers, musicians, cultural officials and old friends. Besides director Manuel Herrera, Santiago Llapur in the production, novel Claudia Remedios in the photography, veteran Ricardo Perez  (Tato) as sound technician, Olivia Cordovés as direction assistant and Armando Naranjo and Jesús Ramos as production assistants, joined the team of Portrait of an Always Teenage Artist.

Taken from: Film from Everywhere, Cuban Film Institute biweekly publication.

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