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Summer Film Festival continues...

Posted on July 18, 2016


With a widely varied program, the Summer Film Festival which began on July 7 and will run until next August 31 continues to offer programming that includes more than 150 films from 20 different nationalities.

The event, organized by the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) and the Cinematheque of Cuba, includes 14 thematic cycles, as Between Passion and Revenge, a space dedicated to erotic cinema; Messengers of Fear for fans of horror films and Real vs Imaginary Universes with proposals for science fiction. 

The vice president of ICAIC Benigno Iglesias informed about the special presentation taking space The Little Seen Film, dedicated to Cuban films of the 1960s and 1970s, with titles like "The Guest", "Papers are papers" and "No Saturday without sun". While big hits films like "Conduct", "Strawberry and Chocolate" is replenished,

"Viva Cuba" and "La Bella del Alhambra".

The screening of the documentary "Moments with Fidel" by filmmaker Rebeca Chávez, on 11 July, starts the program dedicated to the 90th birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Other figures such as French comedian Pierre Richard and British film director Steve McQueen also have their homage.

As part of the activities, it will open on Saturday 23 Cubanima International Festival, organized for children and adolescents by the ICAIC Animation Studios program.

This event will feature the participation of Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada and Belgium. In addition, several chapters of the Cuban youth series "Puberty" aimed at children with visual disorders will be screened.

According to Benigno, the Summer Film Festival is a proposal for the whole family from the theaters of the capital: Yara, La Rampa, Riviera, Infanta and Enguayabera Multicine and showrooms in every province of the country.

Taken from http://prensa-latina.cu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&idioma=1&id=5013961&Itemid=1

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