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A film about Igancio Agramonte

Posted on January 25, 2018

El Mayor, title of the upcoming fiction feature by Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto López Pego, will begin filming in February in locations in the city and rural areas of Camagüey.

The film, based on the life of the hero Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, gathers facts from childhood until the death of El Bayardo and addresses three facets: his love with Amalia Simoni, political conflicts during the war for the independence of Cuba in 1869, and his capacity and nobility to structure and direct the cavalry of the province.

The music of the film is by the authorship of the famous Cuban composer José María Vitier, and in the protagonist will feature the interpretation of Daniel Romero Pildaín, the José Martí teenager from El Ojo del Canario, one of Fernando Pérez's latest productions.

He is joined by around 50 Cuban actors, including Rafael Lahera, Enrique Bueno, Gabriel Wood, Carlos Bustos and Claudia Tomas, in the role of Amalia, as well as two Americans who will portray General Thomas Jordan and Henry Reeve, "El inglesito

El Mayor has a strong investigative advice from prestigious professionals, among them the National History Award 2015 Elda Cento Gómez, who from the first moments has supported us unconditionally in each step of the project, stressed López Pego.

He also thanked the help of the Revolutionary Armed Forces in the province, as he said, the realization of each fight of the film becomes huge challenge, since they intend to achieve a show on stage and for this they have had great historiographical support and military.

This film comes at a very necessary time for our society, where the consolidation of national identity is urgent and it is necessary to highlight, mainly for the youth, the paradigms of Cuban history and heroes, but always with the intention of reflecting, beyond the characters, the human beings that were, he added.

The feature film El Mayor is a production of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industries (ICAIC) and provides for filming entirely in Camagüey for four months.

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