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The reach and results of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, regional event for the promotion of a bigger visibility of the Caribbean cinema taken place by Caribbean region, for develop the regional cinema, it has received up the recognition of film directors, audiences, official authorities and international entities in the countries of the Caribbean and in others diverse spaces of the world. 

 The Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase has worked so far from 2006 in the best promotion in the cinematography of the region of the Caribbean. In the last international Forums of this regional event the concerns of producers and film directors of the region have been debated around the distribution of their film productions that they reflect the images of the countries of the region of the Caribbean and they have been in the final declarations of these events dedicated to the possibilities of Market. 

  In this way, the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase and the Hungarian entity UltraSmart has agreed the creation and development of a digital platform for online Market of the Caribbean’s titles, beginning with a selection of films that they have been part of the official programs of the 5 editions previous of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase. 

  In these moments they are being carried out the organizational works to give official beginning soon to this initiative.

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