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The Seventh Edition of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase is convened open to diversity of topics and stories that express with authenticity and aesthetic value social reality, history and culture of the Caribbean countries, in the continent and its islands, addressed by filmmakers who reside or not in their home countries, as well as filmmakers from other regions to follow the same assumptions about their treatment to the realities and stories of Caribbean countries.

VI Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase
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The sixth edition of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase is open to diverse themes and stories that express, with authenticity and an aesthetic value, the social reality, history and cultures of Caribbean countries in the islands and the mainland. However, without excluding any particular type of film, this sixth edition will highlight films that reveal the richness and diversity of the Music from the countries in the Greater Caribbean, a paradigmatic expression of our cultural identities:

                            Caribbean Music in its films will be emphasized in this Sixth Edition.

Presentada en 20 paises

The Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase exhibits an official program of 24 titles, of them: 4 long fictions, 15 documentaries film and 5 short of animation.

The IV Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase is devoted to the Caribbean Diaspora

Considering the existence of an extended Caribbean Diaspora and its importance on the consolidation of the Caribbean nations and their current economical, social and cultural lives, the IV Showcase is devoted to the exploration of the migration through audiovisual, as well as its implications for Caribbean countries

- The official program is formed by 33 Caribbean films:

13 documentaries

9 feature films  4 short films

Presentada en 19 paises

The official announcement of the Third Edition of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase was made in June 2009.  43 titles from  16 Caribbean countries were selected out of 217 movies received, and were included in the official Program of this Third Edition.

Poster II MICC
Presentada en 27 paises


Primera Muestra Itinerante de Cine del Caribe
Presentada en 22 paises

The First Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase was officially announced in Havana in July 2006.  This announcement immediately received a profuse welcome from filmmakers, cinema enthusiasts and film authorities in the region and the world: 110 titles from 20 nations were initially presented. The International Committee in charge of the final selection of the films of this Presentation selected 28 films from 15 Caribbean countries.

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