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Herramientas de Consulta

The advisory services provided by the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase are
completely free of charge. These services aim to promote research about
Caribbean cinema in the region and abroad and provide information to
interested students, critics and researchers . As working tools, our
office’s staff use the Caribbean Media Library, with hundreds of Caribbean
movies, some available with subtitles in Spanish, English  and French and
the Cinemacarib database about producers, filmmakers and exhibitors from the
whole Caribbean.

Information about authors, films and film-related institutions in the

Caribbean Media Library
Hundreds of Caribbean films, several of them subtitled in Spanish, English
and French.  subtitulados al español, inglés y francés.

Information Centre
Documents, books and magazines offering information about the most recent
facts on Caribbean cinema

Project Coordination

Our office has built a wide contact network related with production, distribution and exhibition of Caribbean Cinema, having access to a wide range of institutions and professionals involved in the development of the different areas of regional cinema. We are ready to:

  • Coordinate multinational audiovisual projects inside the region
  • Coordinate and promote workshops and seminaries to favor the qualification of audiovisual professionals in the Caribbean.
  • Provide connections among directors, producers, exhibitors, distributors and institutions to establish cultural and commercial links

Further info about projects already coordinated by the TCFS office...






Sweet Bottom:  A successful experience in audiovisual cooperation within the Caribbean.

To access this service please contact: jessica@muestracaribe.icaic.cu


We offer some services with the quality and the efficiency, read and you are going to discover it:  
"A quality guaranteed per years of experience with competitive prices.  
"Good use of the language thanks to the translation and the adaptation of the texts by professionels.  
"Speed and efficiency in the delivery of the product that adapts to the most demanding delivery times.  
"Quality assured of the product translates.  
"As the Roving Presentation of the Movies of the Carib is a cultural organization without lucrative goal, all incomes of the subtitling of the movies are used in the development of our cultural projects.  
See HERE our cultural projects...  
To reach the service of subtitling of the movies, if this pleases you, contact us through: raizman@muestracaribe.icaic.cu



Subtitling allows you to preserve the original sound of your audiovisual while enlarging the opportunity of reaching a broader audience with your production.

Why should I subtitle with the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase Office?

  • We offer competitive prices and a quality guaranteed by years of experience.
  • We guarantee an adequate use of language and a professional translation of dialogue and narration.
  •  Fast and efficient final work handing in, meeting the most demanding deadlines.
  • Since the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase is a non-profit organization, all income generated by translation services will be used in one of the cultural programs implemented by our office. See our cultural projects HERE...

To access this service, please contact: jessica@muestracaribe.icaic.cu

Format Language
DVD English


Format Language
DVD Spanish


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